Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Acid Techno Trance TB-303 & TR-808 & Syntecno

Pure Acid Trance by TB Player & DJ fase

Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Retrotjek: Roland TB 303, the "acid machine"

MUSIKERENS grej-tv tjekker Rolands berømte "acid"-maskine. Hør maskinen live in action!

I 1981 lancerede Roland en hel ny spændende "step"-sequencer, designet af lydingeniøren Tadao Kikumoto, der også er manden bag de populære rytmeboxe TR-909 og TR-808. Opgaven var at lave en maskine, der lød som en bas og som kunne parres med rytmeboxen TB-606, således at musikere kunne have sig en praktisk sequencer som øvepartner. TB-303 Bass Computer Controlled Bass Line blev lanceret sidst på året i 1981 og blev kun produceret i ca. i 18 måneder, før man indstillede fabrikationen. Folk havde svært ved at bruge sequenceren og lyden var heller ikke særlig autentisk. Det skønnes, at der i alt blev produceret 10.000-20.000 eksemplarer. Adskillige år senere opnåede TB-303 alligevel en stor popularitet, idet en masse elektroniske musikere begyndte at bruge maskinen. I brede kredse blev den kaldt for acid-maskinen, fordi den blev meget brugt i acid-house og beslægtede genrer.

Video by: fagbladetmusikeren

Synthex: Analog Synth & Sound FX Unit

Synthex is the latest model in the Hex Series of Hybrid Synths and Effects from ADT. Analog VCO with Square and Triangle Wave outputs via a dedicated cross-fade. Hard Sync and FM Modulation via two external audio inputs - also with their own cross-fade. Two switchable modes to go from more familiar analog sounds to awesome, bizarre and completely freakish sound effects. Great for tweak-heads and sound-designers alike. A very limited quantity of this model will be available for sale - please PM me if you'd like to know more.

Video by:abstractjuz

Saturday, July 16, 2011

JoeLMutantE x0xb0x Mods TB-303 Devilfish

They are two x0xb0x beauties full of acid and mods inside. They have been made on hard steel cases and with a hard cover plexiglass. Auto powered inside, no needed to carry external PSU and finished with cool-retro style wood side ends. Knobs made on aluminium alloy and white leds.
Inside them, we have some accent increased, sub-bass sound loudest than anyone x0xb0x made, ENV and MOD tweakings, 4 different distortion types like Highpass/Low pass distortions and warm/cool analog electronic distortion...etc etc and so many more!!
Sound in this video could be extremely low and extremely high too !! so please take care of your speakers; to avoid damages on them, be moderate with the master volume.

Video by: JoeLMutantE


Video by redmartian

x0xb0x - mode machine - TB303 clone acid line test

Video by hesed23

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Analog Synthesizer Heaven - Musikmesse 2011

Analog-Synthesizer - Schneider, Schmidt und der Stand mit Mode Machines und Analog Systems

Video by Moogulator

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Phuture - Acid Trax - TB 303

THE most classic acid track ever...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Acid Blow Distortion & Effect for TB 303 & x0xb0x

Brand new creation: The AcidBlow Distortion Pedal for TB-303 and xoxox. The main objective behind this new pedal is to create the best sounding distortion. There is two type of distortion - All Gravy and Dirty Bass - And two variations - Intrusion & Invasion. The Dirty Bass option works best for patterns with low notes and you will get a very fat sound. The Power Blow Effect offers a very powerful self oscillation effect adding new tone to pattern. The pedal self oscillate even if there is no audio input.

For audio samples just click here!